All day long

Josie the dog trigger the cat jack russell kitten they love each other puppy and kitty

crowsephone asked:

I'll be seeing you in church on sunday.

The Semi-Art Blog Answer:

Well if Mink is going I’ll defiantly be there ●ω● he’s religious right?



Can some one please explain dramatical murder to me? Is it a game or an anime? I hear people talk about it being a game but then I find episodes like an anime.

If you want to fully understand it then I suggest watching the play through of the game on YouTube. DRAMAtical Murder is…

Indeed thank you!

i knew it was something like that! ...gonna go read a bible or something now

Anonymous asked:

Hi! oco, um, dramatical murder is an 18+ BL game. Its a really long visual novel, with plenty of plot and only a bit of BL in the end. It's really good :)

The Semi-Art Blog Answer:

so basically what you’re telling me is it’s yaoi

i knew it