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How Abortion Has Changed the Discussion of Miscarriage

I was finally getting back to a normal routine. My miscarriage a few weeks earlier had taken more than just my baby. It had sapped my emotional reserves as well. I was exhausted, but began to force myself to continue the necessary day-to-day tasks.

But as I opened a letter from the hospital, something to the effect of:

“Dear Mrs. Thompson, Blah blah blah, your insurance company will not cover your elective abortion. Blah blah blah.”


I had done everything in my power to keep my baby. Abortion was the word that described just the opposite.

…I was sent home to continue to live like my baby had never died – like there never was a baby.

But recently, I have realized that this response is an indicator of the state of our society.

After all, it is hard for a society to mourn the loss of WANTED unborn life when it is busy calling it “tissue” and discrediting its personhood.

It is hard for a society to embrace a mourning mother for her loss of tissue when it is busy defending another mother’s right to dispose of it.

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