artsytam asked:

If you answered that would be awesome of you. I need advice on coloring if you can give me any. I can do line art and sketches alright but when I color it looks like a 5 yr old did it. I guess my question is what brushes/software do you use? And what do you use to blend with? Please and thank you!

The Semi-Art Blog Answer:


Ohhh, don’t worry my dear I felt just like you just a couple of years back. And still, coloring is so NOT one of my stronger suits but I think I can help you a bit with this—

When I first started to make digital art (about 5 years ago) I was all about full color drawings with depth and detailed backgrounds and making them as close to reality and as close to all of the references for anime/manga that I had as well. Which was wrong of me because at the moment I did not had the skills nor the practice required, so I felt frustrated very quickly with my lack of good results, (you can still see some of them on my old deviantart account “Shivitan” ughhhh) but this helped me to understand that even if I was not that great at coloring, I could somehow mask my flaws with some simple “hacks” that were not as tasking and as detailed as I expected them to be.

(You need to understand first that this “explanation” is completely based from my personal point of view, so if you can ask other people about this matter it would be great. Don’t just stay with I’m about to tell you ok?)

First of all you really need to clean your lineart as much as you can when you want to start coloring stuff. I discovered that if the lines that made the drawing were too… (ughh how do I say this in english?? ummm, fluffy?? something like this…

image) they don’t look very good when you place color under them.

Then, one of the things that I think that helped me a lot with the understating of depth of a certain character is that you must always add shadows on the skin of the chara.


this are the brushes, first the hard one


then the soft one.


 (You may also add shadowing to the hair if you want but I personally avoid it if I can because it just takes too long and it takes a lot of focus off of the rest of the piece.)image

As you can see, the only “detailed” shadowing I use is on the skin and the rest of the drawing (clothes, hair, even background -when I’m feeling lucky-) is painted in flat colors. Actually, If you search through my latest batch of drawings, you’ll see that this method is the only way I apply color to my stuff.

Sooo that’s basically it. I really hope this helped you! And remember, do not just stay with what I just told you. If you can, ask as many people as you dare about this subject. There are a lot of other artist that can explain this and help you too!

OH OH OH I ALMOST FORGOT. When I first started doing digital art, I used Paintool SAI as my main software but now I use Photoshop because mac system is a bitch that does not accepts SAI. Also, I recently started using a new software called FireAlpaca (But only for sketches because I’m not entirely familiar with the brushes yet so colors are a no no in there for now)